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Science of Hot Yoga

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Focus is on hot yoga science and techniques to better understand the sequenced postures. Learn the science to cultivate your practice as a tool to feel great in your own body. Class/Lecture is done at low heat but come prepared to sweat!

In this 3-hour workshop we perform one set of each of the 26 postures & 2 breathing exercises with tutorials that utilize the work of the world’s top Bikram Yoga researchers, including: Zoe L. Hewett, Dr. Brian Tracy, Dr. Stacy Hunter and others.


  • Proper respiration
  • Leg strength
  • Endothelial improvement from the Bikram heart study
  • Components of sweat
  • Cardiovascular effects of heat training
  • Caloric & metabolic expenditures
  • The effects of the series on the autonomic nervous system
  • The original Jibananda sequence
  • Proper posture cycling
  • Yoga’s effect on beneficial neurotransmitters
  • Nobel prize winning work on age reducing enzymes