Learn Backbends & Inversions with JJ Garcia
Saturday, October 23 from 1-3pm

This is an opportunity to learn both backward bending and handstand techniques. When practiced consistently, these incredibly effective and safe techniques can transform your practice and spine. Unlocking the flexibility of the spine and accessing our strength are the keys to unlocking the energy centers in the body.
We will spend the first part of this workshop examining the backbend postures from the 26&2 class.

We will use the foundation that we learned in 26&2 to learn an exercise that can be repeated daily at home to develop the spine. During the second half of the workshop, we will focus on inversions for all levels. After exploring various inversions, we will learn a handstand exercise to build strength and complement the backbend exercise. These techniques can be practiced almost anywhere as a self-practice routine after the workshop.