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Locker Rooms & Showers are currently open Mon-Fri after the 5:30am & Noon classes.

  • Please be considerate of others, DO NOT leave the yoga room before the end of class. Your teacher will direct you.
  • DO NOT set up in the locker rooms before class. Keep your belongings with you.
  • Anyone who does not shower will continue to exit through the outside yoga room door.
  • Everyone must exit the yoga room by 15 minutes after class.
  • Two people will be allowed in the locker room at one time. Wait in the yoga room until it is your turn.
  • One shower will be open in each locker room.
  • Your time in the locker room is limited. Be considerate and allow shower time for everyone.
  • Masks are required when leaving the yoga room going to the locker area. Maintain social distancing while in the locker rooms.
  • Locker rooms close 25 minutes after class ends. After showering, you will exit out the front door. No entry back into the yoga room.

Thank you for your cooperation and patience during this time.